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Meteostation. Web Interface

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One you have constructed and installed your indiduino meteostation,  you can install the web interface to see what is going on.

meteostation_web0 meteostation_web1

You need a linux machine with a working http server. Then follow below steps:

  • Install python libraries needed pyrrdtools, simplejson…
  • Copy “indi-code/3partie/indi-duino/add-on/meteostationWEB”  from your local SVN tree to your home directory.
  • Edit $HOME/meteostationWEB/ to customize your preferences. Mainly your connection setting, your sitename and the altitude. See comments inside the script
  • Make a simbolic link of the html directory to your webserver tree. i.e ln -s $HOME/meteostationWEB/html   /var/www/meteostation. Check http://yourwebserver/meteostation works fine.
  • Start the daemons executing $HOME/meteostationWEB/
  • There is also a stopscript if you need $HOME/meteostationWEB/

Be aware that there are several connections alternatives. If your webserver is the same machine where meteostation is pluged set INDISERVER=”localhost”. Doing that your script also starts a indiserver localy. Alternative you can use a remote INDISERVER setting INDISERVER=[The Host Name Where INDISERVER is Running]. In that case not indiserver is started localy.

Some credits: This scripts use DCD indilib python library and RRDtool to make meteographs. The awesome gauge graphs was made by Gerrit Grunwald and Mark Crossley

TIP: If you want a autonomous meteostation without a PC get a Raspberr PI + wifi  and configure  it to run  indiserver+webserver. Put inside the box together the arduino board.



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