An automation solution for astronomical observatories

Welcome to INDIDUINO

INDIDUINO is a combination of hardware and drivers aims to fulfill miscellaneous automatization functions on robotics telescope observatories. By mean of INDIDUINO boards and drivers you can switch on/off elements, obtain status and values from digital/analog inputs or event actuate servos.

Taken advantage of the great flexibility provide by both, arduino and INDI protocol, indiduino boards/drivers acquires its personality at runtime reading a xml files that define each arduino PIN behavior (Digital Input, digital output, PWM, Analog input). Thus is possible to make a plethora of hardware devices suitable for almost any propose.

If you are not familiar with INDI visit before continue.

The underlying technologies are FirmataArduino and INDI protocol. At this moment INDI platform is only available for  linux.



One thought on “Welcome to INDIDUINO

  1. Is there someone still active is here ? This project is great ! I’m exactly looking for doing such things. With a CCD fisheye lens connected to the raspberry and a software in remote to analyse the amount of stars and clouds from the pict taken from the CCD. Real weather station, autonom in order to test different place where I’m going to install a remote obs. Congrats ! If there is someone, I would be glad to share. Cheers

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